How can I log in to the website with my Facebook account? Is it safe?

New players
If you are a new player, you can use your Facebook account to log in to Mundijuegos. It?s really easy:
Press the button log in with Facebook located at the top of any page.
    Facebook will request your permission before being able to continue.
    Next, choose your avatar and player name.
    You are already registered in Mundijuegos!
When you want to access Mundijuegos again, you only have to press the same button again.
Note: we will also send you a password by email if you want to log in with your player name and password.
If you don?t have a Facebook account, you can register in the usual way.
Players already registered
If you already have an account in Mundijuegos, it is very easy to connect it to your Facebook account and receive all the benefits that it offers. Just go to the settings page and click on the link ?Facebook connect?.
When the accounts are connected, you can access Mundijuegos by simply pressing the button Facebook connect.
Is it safe? How can I disconnect the accounts?
Using Facebook to log in to Mundijuegos is totally safe. This system is used on lots of web pages and is very practical since you don?t have to remember the name and the password of each page.
Mundijuegos will never have access to your password on Facebook since everything is managed through their platform. If you want, you can disconnect both accounts on the settings and revoke any privileges.

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